IESVE 2023

IESVE 2023 strengthens tools to aid the drive for decarbonization and electrification, and extends energy code compliance offerings

IESVE 2023 Feature Pack 1

Part L Ireland 2022 Building Regulations

  • Under the VE Compliance (UK & Ireland) application, the latest ‘Part L (2022) – Ireland (Factor update)’ option is present in the Regs dropdown menu.
  • The ‘Part L (2022) – Ireland (Factor update)’ includes the electricity factors update within iSBEMie_v5.6.
    • From Primary energy 2.08 kWh/kWh, CO2 0.409 kgCO2/kWh
    • To Primary energy 1.75 kWh/kWh, CO2 0.224 kgCO2/kWh
  • IES will continue to support the old ‘Part L (2022) – Ireland’ route, iSBEMie 5.5h.
    • Warning dialog is displayed in the user interface upon selection of the ‘Part L (2022) – Ireland’ route.

Central Plant Heat Pumps: ApacheHVAC Wizard

A new Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems category has been added to the ApacheHVAC wizard for selection of Waterside Heating Systems .

UK Carbon Emission Factors (Install Set)

  • Sample UK National grid Carbon Factors shipped as part of the VE install set
  • The sample data is provided in Free-From Profile (FFP) as shown opposite in ApPro
  • Via the Energy Source and Meters dialog a user can assign these FFP files as hourly Carbon Emissions Factors (CEF)

MEPWorx Navigator

  • New MEPworx export navigator is accessible via the Partners section of the IESVE Navigators
  • Upon selection of ‘MEPworx export’ the navigator workflow is displayed
    • MEPworx export saves the model peak heating and cooling loads date in CSV format files that can be loaded by MEPworx

NCC Comfort Navigator

  • New NCC 2019 Section J comfort navigator is accessible via the Australia Compliance section of the IESVE Navigators
  • Upon selection of ‘NCC 2019 Section J comfort’ the navigator workflow is displayed
  • The user provides CLO and air speed settings for spaces 
  • The navigator uses PMV Ashrae 55 adaptive and air temperature to assess NCC 2019 section J comfort compliance
  • The navigator generates a spreadsheet report


IESVE Python API has been updated to enable users to:

  • Set the building rotation
    • An example script can be found via VE scripts > vegeometry >
  • Get and set the VE model weather file location
    • Scripts can be found via VE scripts > velocate>>

IESVE 2023 New Features

Take a tour of the new features below.

Central Plant Heat Pumps (CPHP)

  • All-Electric Central Plant Equipment 
  • Supply hot water or chilled water
  • Air-Source and Water-Source Heat Pumps
  • Heating Only Mode and Cooling Only Mode
  • Reversible Heating and Cooling Mode
  • Prototype systems added to airside wizard and waterside library
  • CPHPs extract heat from OR reject heat to a defined source and sink

Heat Pump Equipment Sizing

  • Unique Heat Pump Sizing Options
  • Typical Sizing Approach: Based on CHWL or HWL Peak Demand
  • Fix number of Heat Pumps and size their capacity
  • Fix the Heat Pumps capacity and size the number of Heat Pumps needed
  • Based on Minimum or Maximum outdoor design conditions (useful for very cold/hot climates)
  • Maximum heat/cool capacity at Rated Condition (for actual HP equipment size) 
  • HWL & CHWL independent (ideal heat + cool) 
  • Equipment Sizing Reports: CHW, HW, DHW

Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) for DHW

  • Prototype systems included
  • Air source or water source
  • Source/sink:
    • Outside Air
    • Profile Air-source
    • Profile Water-source 

Auxiliary Downstream Heating Equipment

  • Downstream Auxiliary Heat Source (AHS) as backup for the entire HWL
  • AHS supports temperature “cascade” schemes with Low-Temp HWL serving a High-Temp HWL
  • AHS can also be dedicated to one Secondary HW loop to maintain an independent loop temperature setpoint/reset (e.g. hotter water)
  • AHS can be a gas or electric equipment

Energy Meters – Hierarchy Management

  • Improved user management of meters and sub-meters
  • Useful for mixed-use and multi-tenant buildings
  • Add/New/Copy/Paste/Import/Export Functionality
  • Schema Tree may be exported as image

Hourly Carbon Emission Factors & Hourly Source Energy Factors

  • Annual hourly CEF and SEF profiles added to APACHE simulation engine
  • Hourly carbon emissions and source energy data written to Energy Reports

California Title 24-2022 Compliance

  • Certified by California Energy Commission 
  • Performance-based Compliance Navigator for New Non-Residential Buildings
  • Includes PV and Battery Rulesets
  • 3-model Solution
      1. Actual Design Model 
      2. Proposed Design Model 
      3. Standard Design Model (Baseline)
  • Multifamily Buildings - Geometry Exporter to CBECC

California Title 24 - Solar Access Roof Area (SARA)

  • Process Innovation to embed SARA Simulation into Title 24 Navigator
  • PV Systems and Battery Storage for Title 24-2022 requires SARA sizing provision (SARA)
  • Multiple solar simulations with PV panels
  • SARA Report PDF shows compliance at 70% threshold, exceptions included

Daylighting – Seasonal Foliage

  • Uses Vegetated Shade Object in ModelIT
  • Two Summer/Winter simulations & results parsed
  • Daylight factor
  • Annual illuminance
  • BRE 209 Appendix G

EU Navigator

  • Workflow Navigator for EU
  • Updates for EN12831 steady state heating load calculation and PMV Optimiser
  • Updates allow the user to modify more inputs
  • MS-excel Integrated edits available
  • The processing of ventilation gains have also been improved so that the supply air temperature can now be based off APACHE profiles


  • VE-Navigators re-grouped
  • KIVATM ground heat transfer: Initial zone warm-up temperature option 
  • New Navigator added to export heating & cooling loads to MagiCAD
  • MagiCAD script called that exports heating & cooling load data to a CSV file that MagiCAD can import

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