IESVE 2019

IESVE 2019 offers a common theme of reduced simulation times, new metrics and new ‘easy-to-use’ workflows.

Feature Pack 3 Updates



battery storage

New Feature: Battery Storage

  • Evaluation of energy storage for energy-independent buildings. 
  • Variable seasonable availability schedules.
  • Three charge/discharge control option
    • Simple
    • Time of Use (TOU)
    • Advanced Demand Response (DR)

PV Model Update

  • The PV panel placement geometry tool now allows for PV panel type assignment. 
  • PV performance data has been updated to represent modern manufacturer values such as efficiency, nominal cell temperature, etc. 
PV Model
Loads to Excel

Loads → Excel

  • Heating & Cooling loads for rooms and zone automatically exported to a formatted Excel spreadsheet.
  • ASHRAE Heat Balance Method and CIBSE Admittance Method. 
  • No detailed HVAC system necessary. 
  • Optional editable Safety Factors included. 
  • All spreadsheet formulae are maintained and editable.



Hot Water Boiler Update

  • New part load ratio curves
  • Calculated using return (entering) water temperature
HVAC hot water boiler
free form profiles

New Feature: Import sub-hourly ‘free-form’ Profiles Tool

  • Quick & simple method to import (sub)-hourly data.
  • Multiple time-steps options.
  • Modulating & absolute profiles.
  • Allows for plant-only modeling. 

New Feature: Utility Tariffs for Energy Costing (US Database)

  • OPENEI Utility Tariff tool connects to 3,500 utility companies. 
  • 52,000 tariffs updated annually
  • Editable tariffs



dynamic quality settings

Additional Enhancements

  • UK Building Regulations:
    • 64 bit SBEM 
    • Scottish Section 6: Sterling accredited users accepted for EPC lodgement
    • Part L2
      • EPC Generation Updates
  • Useful Daylight Illuminance (UDI) Settings 
    • Dynamic quality settings optimised for UDI speed / quality and results
  • Python Data Import Tools
    • Apache Post-Process included in VE-Scripts

Feature Pack 2 Updates

Geometry & BIM Enhancements

  • Ability to configure/divide a room surface into smaller surfaces. E.g. for “Spatial Mean Radiant Temperature” calculations used in Occupant Thermal Comfort calculations.  Surfaces can also be healed/consolidated from BIM imports.
  • New BIM toolbar in ModelIT containing tools to fix problematic imported BIM models natively in ModelIT.
  • ModelIT Copy and Paste which copies model opening geometry and data from space to space. 
  • Intelligent Snapping upgrade:  Easier and more intuitive snapping of mouse point to any snap points within the snap tolerance.
  • Auto-Map gbXML Templates to any useful IESVE/Apache Templates, save & re-use.
Spatial MRT
International Glazing Database

Import from International Glazing Database

  • Interface in APACHE that imports glazing materials from the International Glazing Database (IGDB)  
  • Online database is hosted and maintained by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (
  • Imported materials are readable by APACHE for load calculation and energy/carbon simulation
  • Imported materials are readable by RadianceIES for daylight simulation (e.g. sDA) and glare prediction (e.g. DGP). 

RadianceIES Enhancements

  • Spatial Daylighting Autonomy (sDA) speed improvement – up to 6X faster
  • Perez Sky option added for IES LM 83 simulation (sDA and ASE)
  • 15,000 lux CIE Sky added to sky types

Multiple Cooling Towers or fluid coolers per Condenser Water Loop

cooling towers
Condenser Water Temperature Control

Condenser Water Temperature Control: Approach

  • Two new Condenser Water (CW) loop Supply temperature setpoint options that include Approach as a control variable.
    • “Reset per fixed approach to outdoor WBT”: The CW loop supply temperature will be based on the user-specified approach temperature.    
    • “Reset per outdoor WBT range and fixed approach”: In this option, the CW loop supply temperature will have three setpoints based on the outdoor Wet-Bulb Temperature (WBT). The three setpoints are shown in the plot and are highlighted in the CWL dialog along with other available user-specified values.

Fan & Pump Enhancements

Alternative methods to determine pump & fan power has also been introduced which gives users the ability to specify:

  • Fan brake horsepower at design conditions instead of fan efficiency and static pressure. 
  • Pump head, design flow, impeller, and motor efficiency as an alternative to simply entering Specific Pump Power or “Power-Per-Unit-Flow” (W/gpm or W/l/s). 
HVAC pump
HVAC equipment report

Updates to HVAC Equipment Sizing Reports

Plat Loops & Equipment Reports now include all non-hydronic equipment. This includes DX Units, VRF Air/Water-source Units, Heat Pumps (A-A, A-W, W-W), Unitary Cooling System, Gas Furnaces, Generic Heat Source, Electric Heating Coils and DHW system data. 

MacroFlo Wind Coefficients

Additional Enhancements

Feature Pack 1 Updates

Solar Tracking Performance Improvements

Significant speed enhancements to solar tracking algorithms, now making this comparable to traditional simulations. This includes for solar tracking through non-connected spaces or through deciduous trees. 

IESVE 2019 Features

Take a tour of all the latest features in IESVE 2019 below. New to the software? Visit our Virtual Environment page to discover more about our solutions for building energy modeling, HVAC loads sizing, building energy compliance and more.

New Schematic Geometry Wizard

The new schematic geometry wizard offers a quick simplified approach to geometry and model creation.

  • Select a building footprint shape and enter building dimensions, glazing percentage by orientation and number of floors to create a quick schematic design model. 
  • Useful for early-phase analysis E.g. plant equipment sizing estimates, energy/carbon estimates.
  • Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 209 and LEED Integrative Process.
IESVE Glazing Library

New Glazing Database

Easy import of pre-configured glazing assemblies.

  • Target ranges of U-value and SHGC.
  • Manufacturer-specific library of popular glazing assemblies E.g. Vitro/Solarban, Guardian/Sunguard, Viracon/VE, etc. 
  • Includes manufacturer examples of dynamic shades and translucent shades (new solar algorithm).  
  • Library includes compliance glazing assemblies for ASHRAE 90.1, IECC and Title 24.

Daylighting Enhancements

  • New Glare Metric:  Daylight Glare Probability
    • Click here for more details. 
  • RadianceIES material properties integrated within Apache interface for loads and energy modeling. 
  • Faster Daylight Simulations:
    • Sky resolution options to improve simulation speed for all climate-based daylight simulations.
    • Use your GPU for faster daylight & glare simulations via integration with Accelerad. Email to get access to this feature.

HVAC System Design Wizard

New wizard-based approach for HVAC System(s) design.

  • Automatically creates multiple detailed ApacheHVAC systems, assigns zones and plant-based equipment. 
  • Global editing of waterside plant/equipment for multiple AHUs.
  • Automated sequencing of actions, including room loads, system sizing, energy simulation and report generation. 
  • Can be launched in ‘Compliance-mode’ which automatically creates the HVAC-systems for ASHRAE/IECC/NECB baseline models.
  • Creates HVAC equipment schedule.

Energy Model Output Report

A single-page energy simulation output report can be launched from VistaPro, which includes an overview of building energy model performance.

  • Annual site energy, source energy and CO2 emissions breakdown.
  • Performance graphics include:
    • Site energy dashboard by month.
    • Energy Use Intensity (EUI) breakdown.
    • Sankey diagram of fuels-to-energy end-uses.
  • Breakdown of fuel cost, along with peak demands, date & time.
  • Design-guidance graphics for a ‘top 3’ contributors of peak energy sources, and onsite power generation contribution.



Florida Energy Code Compliance

As part of IES’ ongoing commitment to providing energy code-compliance solutions in North America, IESVE Software is now certified by the Florida Building Commission for the 2017 Florida Energy Code.

  • Certified by the Florida Building Commission. 
  • Compliance achieved through the ASHRAE 90.1-2013 ECB Navigator.
  • Florida-specific budget building is automatically created, per FBC requirements. 
  • Florida specific compliance reports are generated.
  • IES training courses certified for continued education (CEU/PDH’s) by Florida Board of Professional Engineers.

AIA DDx API Connection

A new AIA 2030 Challenge Navigator to upload detailed energy model data & results to the AIA 2030 DDx site. 

Engineers & energy modelers have options to upload detailed energy model data & results to the AIA 2030 DDx site, with the same functionality integrated into various ASHRAE & IECC Navigators. 

IES AIA Design Data Exchange Uploader image

Additional Enhancements

  • LG VRF Curves now integrated and available within ApacheHVAC. 
    •  Air source and water source LG curves.
  • BIM import functionality in the VE Start Page.
  • Solar algorithm enhancement to accurately calculate solar gains through non-connected spaces.  
  • New OneClick LCA Navigator.

New Features On-Demand Training 

This 2-hour new features training session covers the latest features and enhancements from IESVE 2019 and some features you may have missed from previous releases.

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