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Learning Outcomes

Learn how to perform dynamic thermal simulations and CIBSE heating/cooling load calculations for a building.

  • Creating thermal and HVAC plant data (profiles, HVAC plant properties, room set points, internal gains and air exchanges).
  • Creating constructions.
  • Applying thermal and construction data to the building model and making custom edits if required.
  • Defining renewable energy sources.
  • Performing thermal simulations and reviewing results in VistaPro (room conditions, building energy consumption and building CO2 emissions).
  • Performing CIBSE heating/cooling load calculations for a building.

Requirements: Attendees must first have had training in (or be competent in) ModelIT.

Course Details

Course Level: Beginner

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes (approx)

Target Audience: New users & users looking to refresh skills. 

Online training is delivered in a lecture style, so you do not need to use the IESVE during the session.

Please Note: This training course is free for all VE customers, including those with student licenses. To book a place, contact us at training@iesve.com.

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