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IES Consulting performed a CFD analysis of the Michelin Saltire Workshop in Dundee, Scotland to ensure that fume concentrations remained within a safe limit for workers on the site.

Key Facts

  • Industrial CFD Analysis
  • Steady State Simulations performed to analyse movement of fumes & temperature distribution
  • Average fume concentration within safe limits for workers

Michelin Tyres commissioned IES Consulting to perform a CFD analysis of their Saltire Workshop in Dundee, Scotland. The intention of this study was to analyse the movement of fumes released by the tyre presses throughout the building, to ensure that the fume concentration remained within a safe limit for workers on the site, in line with Michelin’s internal policies.

Due to the amount of high power machinery within the workshop, the building is subject to extremely high heat gains. To address this issue, AHU ducts inside the workshop supply air to the building through swirl diffusers. This air is then passed through the tyre presses and extracted through roof extract fans installed on the roof. A fabric curtain separates the occupied walkways and press lines to help direct the airflow.

Steady state CFD simulations were performed to analyse whether the canopies and the ventilation systems would prevent back flow of fumes into the occupied walkways between the press lines. The analysis also considered the temperature distribution within the walkways between the tyre presses, to ensure appropriate conditions were being maintained.

Through their analysis and the results produced, IES Consulting were able to demonstrate that the average fume concentration within the workshop did fall within the safe limit for workers.

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