Adare Manor Ballroom

County Limerick

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IES Consulting were instructed to perform a thermal comfort analysis of the ballrooms and pre-function spaces of the luxury Adare Manor Resort in Limerick, Ireland.

Key Facts

  • Thermal Comfort Analysis performed to determine impact of function space configurations on occupant comfort
  • Dynamic Simulation Model created in IESVE
  • CFD Model created to perform flow simulations

One of the key objectives for the client in commissioning this project was to determine how various configurations of the function space would impact upon occupant comfort. The analysis considered two different setups of the ballrooms – one being an interconnected setup and the other where the space would be divided by partitions. The study also took into consideration the impact of seasonal changes on the site, with simulations performed for typical summer and winter conditions using local weather data.

A dynamic simulation model (DSM) was created in IESVE based on CAD drawings which had been provided to IES by the client. These were then used to form the CFD model in order to perform flow simulations inside the spaces and results were provided to the client to provide transparency on any areas within the function space that may result in comfort issues for occupants for the scenarios analysed.

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