Possilpark Health Centre - Operational Performance Review


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IES Consulting were commissioned by Health Facilities Scotland (HFS) to perform a post occupancy review of Possilpark Health Centre.

Key Facts

  • Ci2® Consulting performed Post Occupancy Modelling
  • Comfort issues from both over & under heating
  • £10 million construction cost
  • Opened on 24th February 2014

The Health Centre was exhibiting comfort issues in a number of occupied spaces from both overheating and underheating. The work from the IES Consulting Ci2 team enabled HFS to effectively understand the problems present in the health centre and focus its response towards viable solutions. This was achieved by enhancing the pre-existing design stage IESVE thermal model to represent the building in operation.

  • The health centre’s design strategy utilises natural and mechanical ventilation, limited air conditioning and extensive use of underfloor heating.
  • IES used two sets of test criteria modelled against Glasgow climate data (DSY) to appraise the overheating, CIBSE Guide A 2006 and CIBSE TM52 2013.
  • The model predicted a number of spaces were overheating, in particular naturally ventilated spaces with a South and East facing aspect which tied in with on-site findings. Solar gain capture with a lack of ventilation performance was the primary cause.
  • A need for improved control of the underfloor heating systems was highlighted as this was intensifying the overheating situation as well as damaging the underheating issue. It was identified this was due to a number of factors including controls hardware and operation, alongside occupant training.
  • A suggested enhancement measured include the implementation of a “night cooling” strategy utilising the atrium’s high level louvers which would help purge daytime heat build-up during periods of overheating. 

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