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IES Consulting performed LEED energy modelling for this 30,000m2 data center in Quebec, Canada.

Key Facts

  • 25% Cost Savings
  • 25% Energy Savings
  • 6 LEED Credits
  • Area: 30,000 m2

IES Consulting performed LEED energy modelling through ASHRAE 90.1-2007 PRM App.G for this CAD $1.2 billion 30,000m2 purpose-built data centre in Vaudreuil-Dorion Quebec, Canada. The data centre was targetting LEED 2009 NC Certification with IES tasked to assist in modelling and reporting the EAp2/EAc1 pre-requisite and credit.

Overall the project achieved 6 credits. The analysis on this data centre demonstrated an improvement of 25% in both cost and energy for the Proposed building relative to the Baseline building. 

The key reason for the savings observed in this project are the differences in the Proposed and Baseline buildings HVAC systems.

As per ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G paragraph G3.1.2.6, the Baseline building is modelled with an airside economiser to reduce cooling loads. By comparison the Proposed system only receives the minimum fresh air rates and subsequently does not benefit from the free cooling effect. While the lack of an airside economiser in the proposed design results in increased cooling coil demands it also reduces the demand for air preheating and humidification. Given the high internal loads expected for a building of this type there is a demand for cooling year round.

The Proposed system operates efficiently by running a chilled water loop at a 13.9°C/19.4°C flow and return temperature allowing a greater potential for free cooling from the installed dry coolers. The containment strategy adopted allows the data hall to be maintained at design conditions while allowing a sufficient temperature differential in the air entering the CRAC units to deliver the required cooling while operating at the elevated loop temperatures.

The 'Global ICT Center' facility, purpose-built for Ericcson, is positioned to enable large-scale modelling of live operator networks in order to test new products and solutions with a cloud focus.

Additional sustainabale measures include the centre using white concrete to reflect light, rain catchers on the roof for water recycling and some construction materials have been recycled or repurposed.

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