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IES Consulting performed energy modeling on facilities at the University of Hertfordshire estate to develop an energy use profile for future upgrade.

Key Facts

  • 13 buildings
  • All buildings vary in size, energy demand, age and use

The buildings varied in size and energy demand but combined provided a valuable insight on how the estate can move forward with their energy policy.

The process involved creating 3D geometry of 13 buildings on site, which vaired in age and use, and then applying the available thermal attributes for room conditions, internal gains, fabric and HVAC system properties. IES provided assistance by offering sensible assumptions where data was unavailable but researched the supporting documentation as much as possible to limit this option.

The next stage involved producing a baseline simulation which was generated using the England EPC compliance route. This was then compared against a dynamic simulation run through ApacheSim, but using a similar operational strategy to the baseline, to represent the real building energy use. 

Energy results were broken down into key indicators on heating, cooling, DHW and internal loads to identify where oppurtunities may be available for future retrofit to the University's buildings. IES worked to communicate these clearly to the client to ensure all outcomes from modeling were clearly detailed.

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