INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation - LEED Energy Modelling


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IES Consulting performed LEED Energy Modelling on the new Interpol complex in Singapore.

Key Facts

  • LEED 2009 NC Platinum Rating
  • Up to 350 staff capacity
  • Targeted 35% Energy Consumption Reduction
  • Research and Development Facility
  • Hosted 1st INTERPOL World Trade Event in 2015

IES Consulting performed the LEED Energy Modelling for the new INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore. The IGCI is a cutting-edge research and development facility for the identification of crimes and criminals, innovative training, operational support and partnerships. Besides a digital crime centre, the complex houses a cyber innovation and outreach directorate, and a capacity building arm. It is all housed in a state-of-the art building conforming to the highest environmental standards. 

The IGCI was awarded LEED 2009 NC Platinum Certification. The building which can house up to 350 staff targeted a 35% reduction in energy consumption compared to the baseline building. The building design includes displacement ventilation HVAC systems and a large array of PV panels, which also act as a shading device to protect the roof surface from additional solar gain.

In order to assess performance and document the EAp2/EAc1 pre-requisite and credit, IES Consulting used the IES Virtual Environment software to conduct the Performance Rating Method (PRM) of ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Appendix G.

Additionally the first INTERPOL World, a biennial trade event, took place alongside the official opening of the IGCI in 2015.

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