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LEED Services

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IES offers in-depth and diverse analysis options across all aspects of LEED. From LEED Energy & Daylighting Modelling, to Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning and LEED Measurement & Verification. 

Our team, under the leadership of designated LEED Fellow and long-standing chair of the USGBC Implementation Committee, Brenda Morawa, has many years of experience in providing sustainability and LEED implementation. We also hold USGBC ‘preferred provider’ status, 

Our consultants are LEED AP accredited and have collaborated on over 300 LEED projects worldwide. Our experience covers the US, Canadian and Indian versions of LEED, across new construction and existing building projects, with many projects awarded LEED Platinum.

Our Approach

In particular, we are very well placed to support high-end and complex projects, from model checking and mentoring through to full LEED v4 modelling and documentation. 

Utilising state-of-the-art sustainability modelling and project management technology our approach is refreshingly flexible and integrated. We work closely with the whole team or individual team members to integrate LEED and sustainable design strategies into the process beginning in conceptual design through operations and maintenance.

Our LEED v4 Performance Modelling services include:

Energy Modelling

  • Preliminary energy model to determine how the building and its systems are capable of yielding the required 5% energy cost saving and feasibility of earning the Daylight and Building Life-Cycle Reduction Impact Credits
  • Conceptual focus on energy, occupant comfort, and water required to meet the new iterative process LEED point
  • Energy Optimisation and Modelling (ASHRAE 90.1: 2010)
  • Main energy model can also be used to document thermal comfort, daylighting/lighting strategies, and ventilation effectiveness. Encompassing airflow in and around buildings, natural, mixed-mode and mechanical ventilation strategies

Other LEED services

  • Minimum indoor air quality assessment (compliance with ASHRAE 62.1)
  • Analysis of interactions between the HVAC, daylighting/lighting, ventilation and thermal comfort strategies to enable better understating of how control strategies can be used to optimise building efficiency
  • Advanced Metering and Monitoring Based Commissioning to ensure planning is followed through into optimised performance once the building is operational
  • Preliminary LEED Certification Plan and Energy Targets
  • Traditional Fundamental/Enhanced Commissioning
  • LEED Measurement & Verification
  • Preliminary guidance on a building’s ability to obtain EBOM (Existing Building Operation and Maintenance) certification

In-depth LEED Expertise

We are authorised to serve as LEED reviewers through the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) and were involved closely in the development of LEED v4, sitting on the LEED Steering Committee, the Indoor Air Quality Working Group and chairing the Implementation Committee. We are also LEED Automation partners and creators of automated LEED modelling, analysis and process management tools.

Our ability to cover all this under one roof in conjunction with our utilisation of the latest in LEED technology offers our clients the significant benefits of advanced techniques, unrivalled accuracy, clearer lines of communication and efficient cross-team collaboration. 

We can also integrate sustainable design guidance over and above LEED including areas such as code compliance, life cycle cost and external comfort analysis. Our approach puts performance at the centre of a building’s design, construction, commissioning, and operation. All while checking and verifying your desired performance is being achieved.

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