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Zero Carbon Roadmaps

With national targets in place and increasing stakeholder pressure, the race is well and truly on in the race to zero-carbon. With the built environment currently accounting for almost 40% of global emissions, this is an area where urgent action is required. However, with so many unknowns and little room for error, how can you begin to plan and implement an effective zero carbon plan for your buildings?

This is where our Zero Carbon Roadmaps service can support you. With the backing of our physics-enabled Digital Twin technology, we can remove the guesswork from your zero carbon strategies and incite confidence in your decision-making. 

Working off a powerful combination of real-world data, simulation, machine learning and AI, we provide a highly accurate virtual environment from which to test, compare and evaluate the impact of various zero carbon interventions and strategies – prior to implementation in the real-world – to help limit the room for error and ensure the correct decisions are made early on. Helping to support intelligent policy making and allowing you to refine and adapt your net-zero strategies over time to ensure targets remain within reach.

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