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Python Scripting

IES Consulting are in the unique position to offer incredibly powerful Python based workflow navigators that guarantee to improve your productivity when modelling with the VE. Our Python Scripting services provide automated report generation of VE model inputs and outputs to compliment your modelling portfolio. Scripting expands your capability to interact, analyse and present data in the way you want to. 

What can be achieved with a Python Script?

  • Quickly and automatically extract and present simulation results.
  • Advanced analysis/calculations can be performed on data.
  • Results presentation can be customised, e.g. chart types and tables.
  • Model inputs can be exported, collated and presented in a similar fashion.
  • Formatted output files can be generated in selected types, e.g. excel, PDF.
  • Tools can be developed via bespoke Graphical User Interface. These can interact with or without the VE depending on their function.

What are the productivity benefits?

  • Reduces modelling time by avoiding manual results extraction.
  • Standard repetitive results tasks can be obtained quickly.
  • Scripts use repeatable steps to produce results, creating consistency when producing content for projects/organisations.
  • Easier to compare different simulation scenario results, for the same or even different projects.
  • Less time expended on results extraction means more time for checks on model set-up and results interrogation, leading to improved model quality.
  • Scripts can fit defined output formats to support ISO 9001 processes.
  • Less time spent on modelling and reporting tasks means accumulated savings over weeks and months leading to significant cost saving.
  • Increased quality of the model reduces chances of error or revision, saving time and cost.
  • Script outputs can immediately be provided to clients, helping communication with clear, concise and impressive reporting content.

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