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Retrofit Optioneering Modelling

If you are considering ways to make your building more energy efficient, and reach your net zero goals, retrofit modelling will enable you to predict the impact of design changes on the energy use and carbon emissions of your asset.

Through retrofit optioneering, you will be able to evaluate and compare the energy usage of a building when subject to system or envelope changes, before their actual implementation. This process will also ensure cost effective selection of energy conservation measures and provide you with an understanding of annual operational savings on energy bills.

Different retrofit options can also be evaluated altogether, with the benefit of understanding what their overall impact would be. This holistic approach guarantees a better understanding of the final energy use of a building as well as a more accurate economic assessment and evaluation of payback periods.

Our expert team of consultants can work with you, your building managers or technology providers, to facilitate the necessary data collection for both the existing building and the potential retrofit implementation strategies, giving you peace of mind in the accuracy of any future performance predictions.

Through retrofit optioneering, a number of design changes can be assessed, including but not limited to:

  • Fabric improvements
  • HVAC systems & operational changes
  • Space conditions changes & optimisation
  • Lighting improvements and daylight/presence controls
  • Renewable energy systems integration