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Pathways to Net Zero

A net zero pathway allows you understand the current performance of your building, community, portfolio or city, and simulate the impact of various changes and investments over time, helping you identify affordable interventions that will futureproof your buildings and meet net zero targets.

Bringing your assets towards net zero carbon operations will not only decrease annual energy bills, but will also enable your organisation to take a first step towards their ESG and sustainability goals and create a healthier environment for people to work in.

Our team of consultants can create a high-level plan for the net zero journey of your building towards your target date over a number of years or decades. We can then model net zero roadmaps starting from an understanding of the current energy usage of your building, to evaluating the impact that various renovation strategies will have on energy usage and carbon emissions. A science-based journey to decarbonise your building operations can be mapped out. 

Within the decarbonisation pathway of a building, different design changes and renovation options can be assessed at different moments in time, allowing for a stepped investment approach to optimise whole-life carbon footprint and economic returns over time. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Fabric improvements
  • HVAC systems & operational changes
  • Space conditions changes & optimisation
  • Lighting improvements and daylight/presence controls
  • Renewable energy systems integration
  • Assess the impact of the local grid decarbonisation projections on your building carbon emissions over time


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