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Net Zero Plans for Portfolios, Districts & Campuses

It has never been more important for businesses, local authorities, estate managers and any other stakeholders responsible for groups of buildings, to fully understand their route to reach net zero and determine the most cost-effective strategy to meet carbon reduction targets across their estate.

We can create digital twin energy models for groups of buildings, from campuses to local authorities or entire cities.  The digital twin model can then be used to test, simulate and analyse different options for reaching net zero targets across your portfolio.

Your digital twin is created by importing GIS files or drawing manually, before assigning data on fabrics and systems. We can then run energy simulations using real-weather data based on location, test different options and generate reports, or export results to compare scenarios.

Interventions that can be applied across your building or campus, to understand their effects on energy demands, carbon emissions and running costs, include:

  • Fabric improvements
  • Heating system replacements
  • HVAC controls
  • PV panels
  • EV chargers
  • Carbon sequestration through trees

Our digital twin collaboration tools and dashboards can be used throughout the process to monitor and communicate building performance with key stakeholders in real-time.

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