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Energy Models to Digital Twins

Digital twins are revolutionising the way in which we design and operate buildings. At IES, our team are skilled in the creation of performance digital twins which draw together real building data with physics-based simulation, machine learning and AI to deliver unparalleled performance insights across the entire lifecycle of your building.

Whether your goal is to identify ways of making your building more energy efficient, to reach net-zero targets, lower your operating costs, improve occupant comfort, or a combination of all of these, we can work with you to create a digital twin to support these goals.

We offer two routes to creating your digital twin – either working from scratch or, if available, through the reuse of your building’s existing compliance energy model. Enhancing this with as-built information, real-time BMS and metered data to create an accurate virtual replica of the operational building.

Regardless of the route chosen, our expert team can work with you, or your energy management provider, to facilitate the necessary data collection, drawing from a combination of operational and historical sources. We’ll then use this data to perform a calibration exercise in accordance with ASHRAE guidelines, integrating the real data gathered into the 3D model to ensure the resulting digital twin is a reliable replica of the real building. Giving you peace of mind in the accuracy of any future performance predictions.

Going a step further, we can even help you establish a live connection between the digital twin and your BMS and/or any IoT sensors within your building, to facilitate ongoing performance monitoring and optimisation in real time.

Once we’ve created your digital twin, we’ll show you how to use it to make better decisions for your building, helping to:

  • Identify performance gaps and optimise the operation of the building
  •  Predict the impact of upgrades to the building envelope and/or systems
  •  Measure & verify the impact of design changes
  • Create a detailed roadmap to net-zero, audit any existing plans and track progress towards targets set

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