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Energy Masterplans & Scenario Evaluation - LHEES, LAEPs

Energy master planning and decarbonisation at scale is one of the major challenges faced by public authorities. IES can support in the delivery of these projects, using methodologies such as LAEPs and LHEES, providing you with a digital asset to monitor progress or revise the plan over time.  

Using our digital twin technology, we can accurately simulate all domestic and non-domestic buildings for any local authority. Data can be imported from a wide range of sources including EPC reports, home analytics, DNO network data, local land use and energy assets before simulating across your local authority. 

We can then use the digital twin model to test potential future interventions at scale, including fabric retrofits and heat decarbonisation to ensure that local and national net zero targets will be met, and determine exactly which interventions on which types of buildings are required.

We can simulate and test various options for additional energy generation such as community or large-scale renewables, or district heating, and determine areas where heat and electricity demands can be met through local resources and generation.

By having a digital twin representing all heat and electrical use in your area, we can test various options to understand exactly what is required to meet your net zero target across your local authority.

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