Our Products 

Make every element of your building or community sustainable using our ICL Digital Twin tools.

IES Digital Twin

Enable the energy efficient design and continuous operational optimisation of not just single but entire groups of buildings.

VE: New Design & Retrofit

Integrated analysis tools for the design & retrofit of buildings.

iCD: Sustainable Masterplanning

Building energy and carbon analysis for portfolios, campuses and cities.

iSCAN: Optimal Building Operation

Data visualisation & analysis for in-use building performance.

iVN: Community Energy & Renewables

Feasibility of district heating, energy networks and renewables.

IES Live: Building Energy & Carbon Management

Keep your finger on the pulse of your building’s operational performance.

IESVE for Loads Calculations, Sizing & HVAC Design

From optimizing room and zone loads to detailed HVAC system and equipment sizing, IESVE software offers the most practical, efficient, and accurate tools available.

IES for Architects

Help our buildings become part of a zero carbon future, with building performance tools specifically designed for Architects.


Streamline, manage and automate the certification process for BREEAM, LEED, Code for Sustainable Homes and EcoHomes assessments. 

Product Resources

Additional resources to get the most out of our technology.


Whether you are entirely new to our technology, or an existing user simply looking to refresh your skills, rest assured that we have a training option that works for you.


Visit the IES Help Centre to explore our comprehensive collection of support content for all IES products.

Weather Data

Obtain the latest weather files for global locations for use in your simulations.