Local Energy Decarbonisation

Incorporate detailed building energy demand data into feasibility studies of local energy schemes

Energy Network Feasibility Studies Powered by Accurate Building Demand Data

Quickly and easily assess local energy decarbonisation options for any new or existing developments. Integrate electricity, heat, cooling, and water networks, alongside real or simulated building energy demand data, for improved model accuracy.


Heat, Cooling and Power

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iVN Modules

iVN is comprised of 3 modules that enable comprehensive assessments of different heat, cooling and power network scenarios, including energy balancing and decarbonisation feasibility studies.

iVN Core

Virtually test different energy network scenarios using holistic energy flow modelling across supply, demand and network infrastructure, including buildings.

  • Simulate building energy demand within iVN using IES Apache engine
  • Test different networked heating, cooling and power scenarios
  • Analyse energy supply and demand between different buildings
  • Undertake energy balancing and network aggregation
  • Integrate renewable assets such as PV arrays, wind turbines, and heat pumps
  • Assess impact of electric vehicle uptake and infrastructure
  • Current and future weather file options

iVN Heat

District heat network modelling for assessing the feasibility of prospective heat networks, and identifying if underlying infrastructure needs to be changed or upgraded.

  • Check and validate heat network options from an infrastructure point of view
  • Model both thermal and hydraulic behaviour
  • Taking account of heat losses, mass flow rates and supply/return temperatures
  • Deliver a network that reduces losses and increases efficiency

iVN Optimise

Our built-in optimisation engine utilises smart algorithms to automatically find the best performing configuration based on your chosen key parameters; such as minimising electricity imports from the grid.

  • Automated assessment of different asset attributes
  • Highlights the optimal configuration
  • Can reduce days of work to hours, on large projects
  • User set attributes ensure the solution is viable and realistic for every project

Some examples of using iVN

Explore how leading innovators like you are harnessing the power of iVN with our interconnected ICL platform.

Pollok Country Park

IES have created a Digital Twin of Glasgow’s Pollok Country Park to support the city’s commitment to reaching Net Zero Carbon by 2030, helping maximise use of the city’s green and blue infrastructure in order to mitigate emissions across the estate. iVN was key in this project to analyse supply and demand between different buildings, how they could exchange resources and renewables be deployed.


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