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Map your route to a Fossil Free, Resilient, Energy & Cost-Efficient Portfolio

Delivering Local Net-Zero

Many Local Authorities have pledged to become net-zero as early as 2030, promising to exceed the National Government’s target of 2050. However, with homes, workplaces and publicly-owned properties being responsible for 17% of UK GHG emissions, buildings will be key to an effective decarbonisation strategy. With our digital twin solutions, we can help guide you towards net-zero, identifying how best to decarbonise your building stock and tackle rising energy costs in the process.

Decarbonise your Estate

Drive Down Energy Costs

Local Energy Strategies

Safe, Well-Ventilated Spaces

Meet Regulatory Standards

Engage Citizens & Stakeholders

Mitigate Rising Energy Costs

With energy prices rising exponentially, local authorities need to ensure every penny counts. Our technology can help your budgets stretch further, helping you hone in on areas of energy waste, improve energy efficiency across your portfolio and make wiser investments across retrofits and new build projects.

  • Identify operational inefficiencies and target energy waste
  • Save 20 - 70% on energy costs
  • Balance net-zero targets against budgets
  • Ensure money is spent where it will have greatest impact
  • Identify opportunities to share heat, cooling and power and save money

Net-Zero Road Mapping for Local Authorities

An effective net-zero strategy requires evidence-backed decisions and data you can trust. Our digital twins use the best of building physics, data, machine learning and AI to help you assess different decarbonisation options, plan your investment strategies and track progress towards zero-carbon.

  • Map your route to a net-zero portfolio
  • Simulate proposed action plans to identify & target potential shortfalls
  • Single pane view across all building data
  • Compare options and test different scenarios
  • Make informed Retrofit/Renovation/Rebuild decisions
  • Ensure projects deliver by tracking progress in real time
  • Consider how socioeconomic factors will be impacted by decarbonisation decisions
  • Create 20-minute neighbourhoods

Meet Local Regulations & Planning Guidance

Embed energy and performance analysis into the heart of the design process to achieve Net Zero and meet local methodologies, regulatory standards and planning guidance. Once in-use, continue using your digital twin to monitor building performance and ensure net-zero design expectations are being met in reality.

  • Comply with national building regulations (i.e. Part L, Section 6) as well as regional frameworks (GLA London Plan & LETI)
  • Mitigate overheating and meet industry standards (TM52, TM59)
  • Improve Ventilation and meet guidance (BB101)
  • Detailed analysis of Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) and Local Area Energy Planning (LAEP) priorities
  • Design for Performance / pursue NABERS Energy ratings post-occupancy
  • Attain internationally recognised green building certifications (e.g. Passivhaus, BREEAM, LEED)

Frameworks you can utilise to work with us

Public Sector bodies can access our services via the following Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS).

LASER,Zero Carbon – Consult, Design and Install, DN535888

SPARK, Crown Commercial Services, RM6094 DPS

The IES Guide to Reducing Business Energy Costs

In this guide we share our expert knowledge and lessons we've learned on numerous projects, to help businesses navigate this energy crisis. Filled with technical insights, advice and case study examples, it outlines key steps you can take to start reducing your building energy costs now. We’re confident that our approach can save at least 20% off your energy bill, while also helping you make informed business decisions to support energy resilience, employee productivity, ESG targets and net-zero goals.

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Navigating the Energy Cost Crisis to Deliver Net Zero Public Sector Buildings

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On-Demand Webinar

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IES Consulting new Dynamic Simulation Modelling guide will support building designers in meeting the requirements of the NZPSB Standard


As a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Supplier you can procure IES through the SPARK DPS

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