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Next Generation Building Energy and Carbon Management

Never settle for a building that uses excessive energy, costs you more, and is pulling you away from your sustainability targets. It’s time to take control. To reduce energy risk, increase resilience, unlock net-zero potential, and deliver healthy and comfortable spaces.

Energy & Carbon Reduction

Healthy & Comfortable Spaces

Simulated Energy Benchmark

Actionable Insights

Single Pane Data View

Net-Zero Investment Tracking


Optimise Your Building Operation

Unlock the full potential of your building data with IES Live. A cloud-based platform that provides energy and facilities teams with actionable insights to keep your building running optimally and on track towards energy efficiency and net-zero goals.

Energy & Carbon Performance

Understand your building’s historic, current and optimal performance, identify areas of energy waste and take action to lower consumption, CO2 emissions and operating costs.

  • Energy management dashboards to track & report on key KPIs
  • Simulated energy benchmark, unique to your building
  • Compare current vs. optimal energy performance to target waste
  • Main and sub-meter breakdowns

Actionable Insights

Overloaded with data but struggling to access the information you really need? IES Live provides a single pane view of all your building data, giving you key energy, carbon and cost feedback on performance improvements. 

  • Prioritise actions and create business cases
  • Recommendations on HVAC system settings & scheduling changes
  • Understand impact of faulty equipment
  • Explore the impact of light retrofit scenarios
  • Compare predicted savings against actual building performance
  • Evaluated daily, with option to include next day weather & occupancy predictions

Net-Zero Investment Performance

Ensure your net-zero building investments deliver on expectations and increase confidence in retrofit decisions with verified savings tracked over time.

  • M&V style tracking
  • Verify energy, cost & carbon savings
  • Keep tabs on actioned improvement projects
  • Monitor actual savings to ensure ROI
  • Accurate simulated baseline to track progress against
  • Automatically updated daily to prevent operational drift over time

Comfort, Health and Occupancy

Balance efficiency improvements against the comfort, health & wellbeing of building occupants. Reduce complaints and engage building users in behavioural changes to optimise overall building performance.

  • Indoor environmental quality tracking (CO2, temperature, humidity)
  • Pre-set acceptable comfort ranges
  • Quickly identify problem spaces at sensor, room, area or floor level
  • Arrange and zone spaces
  • Building capacity & occupancy tracking (where data exists)
  • Track energy consumption & costs against occupancy
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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Building's Performance with IES Live

Join us for this on-demand launch session to discover how IES Live delivers the next- generation of energy, carbon and comfort performance tracking and reporting, alongside intelligent improvement insights.

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Powered by the IES Digital Twin

IES Live connects your building to its very own performance digital twin counterpart in the cloud. This rich data model is calibrated and continuously updated with real data from your building, leveraging dynamic simulation to provide an accurate baseline of how your building should be operating at all times. Allowing you to benchmark current performance against a reliable baseline which is unique to your specific building.

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 IES Live in Action

Discover the first pioneering project utilising our IES Live tool. 

University of Liverpool

This project is the first to use IES Live, allowing both advanced energy and carbon management of the building, and live tracking and verification of savings made from a recent HVAC refurbishment undertaken on the building.

Energy Reduction
Cost savings

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