Intelligent Communities Lifecycle

Digital Twin Technology for Decarbonising Any Built Environment

Green Recovery Starts with a Digital Twin

Amidst global calls for a Green Recovery, we know that buildings can play a huge part in making it possible. After more than a quarter of a century facilitating the energy efficient design of individual buildings across the globe, now, with our ICL Digital Twin technology, we're tackling the built environment at scale – from citizens up to companies, campuses, communities, cities and even whole countries. Making it possible to manage the present, road-map the future and learn from the past to Build Back Better.

Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL)

A Single Platform for Decarbonisation

Bridging the gap between the real world and simulation, the ICL Digital Twin enables the energy efficient design and continuous operational optimisation of not just single but entire groups of buildings.

•    Undertake sustainable masterplanning
•    Delve into zero-carbon construction/retrofitting of individual buildings
•    Operate buildings or communities more effectively
•    Integrate with utilities and renewables to create local energy networks
•    Connect, visualise and analyse any data from any source
•    Citizen and operational team collaboration and engagement

Our Solutions

Our interconnected tools share a central database, allowing users to easily leverage data and share analysis results across the platform. 

Digital Twins for the Built Environment

Digital Twins present exciting opportunities to navigate the route to zero-carbon, sustainable and healthier communities. They respond and behave like their real world counterparts, function as problem-solvers and translate data into essential decision support information to improve performance and reduce risk. 

NTU Singapore

ICL technology was used across Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s 250-hectare flagship Ecocampus to uncover over 30% potential reduction in energy consumption and S$4.75M savings.