Intelligent Virtual Network

Integrated Energy Network Design & Analysis Tool

Benchmark energy and resource use for new and existing developments to share and meet energy needs using low/zero carbon technology.

iVN is a network modelling and management tool that delivers a holistic view of your site. Integrate electricity, heating, cooling and waste heat networks and share energy across buildings. Decarbonising, reducing costs and improving the overall efficiency of your site.

Features and Benefits

Quickly and easily create a virtual design model of any energy network.
Import from a library of 15 typical smart grid installations.
Link multiple network types to analyse how they dynamically integrate.
Track energy flow, identify waste, and maximise value of network assets.
Easily compare different future scenarios with current performance.
Physics based weather driven models.

Deliver a Holistic View of Your Site

Easily connect the energy flows and decision points on the network. Configure the layout once and view in multiple ways.  

  • Share and connect energy networks.
  • Integrate electricity, heating, cooling and waste heat.
  • Support the Design and Upgrade of Distributed Energy Networks or Micro-Grids.
  • Identify Potential for Energy Trading, Local Energy Bill Reduction and Demand Side Response.


Quickly Generate Building Demand Data

Often the critical missing data piece is building energy demand. There are 3 ways to quickly and easily generate this data for the iVN.

Case Studies

Explore how leading innovators like you are harnessing the power of iVN with our interconnected ICL platform.

Free On-Demand Training

Our free on-demand training includes an introduction course for getting started with iVN and an advanced modelling course to help you delve deeper into using iVN for integrated energy network design & analysis. You can also explore our range of free ICL Digitial Twin courses from our Upskill with IES series.

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