Intelligent Control and Analysis

A Single Platform to Tackle Energy Hungry Buildings

Make sense of your building data and meet zero carbon targets

iSCAN allows you to centralise any time-series data from different building and energy management systems, utility portals, IoT sensors and historic files in one platform. Organise and analyse this data to gain intelligent insights to improve building or portfolio operation and uncover hidden savings.

Single Pane View

One Login

To a central platform reduces reliance on multiple users & logins.

Organise Data

Organise and tag multiple data sources, formats and time intervals.

Connect Data

Cross analyse data from different data sources in a single pane view.

Customise Data

Smart tools to review data and fill data gaps.

Intelligent Data Insights


Advanced Analytics 

  • Automatically uncover hidden inefficiencies, save energy and reduce costs.
  • Hone in on areas that need attention and tune control strategies. 
  • Design bespoke dashboards around your KPIs and create Command Centres.

Electricity Demand Graph - Current and Baseline


AI and Machine Learning

  • Integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to learn from historical operational data. 
  • Link historical data to current weather to prevent operational drift.
  • Ensure assets and renewables are performing as they should.


Intelligent Alerts 

  • Unlimited bespoke data rules, alerts and dashboards.
  • Predict normal operational range. 
  • Ensure continuous fault detection. 


Digital twin model


Investigate and Improve 

  • Connect to Virtual Environment physics-based energy model to explore ‘what if’ future scenarios. 
  • Create business cases for energy efficiency or retrofit projects. 
  • M&V capabilities to track and monitor whether expected benefits have been realised. 

Case Studies

Explore how leading innovators like you are harnessing the power of iSCAN with our interconnected ICL Digital Twin platform.

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