Intelligent Community Design

3D Sustainable Urban Design and Early Stage Masterplanning

Undertake sustainable masterplanning from the earliest project stages, even when data is sparse or non-existent.

Go beyond just zoning and massing and integrate analysis across a wide range of sustainable metrics. iCD, a plug-in to SketchUp, undertakes energy analysis using the proven VE simulation engine, so you can be assured of robust and reliable results.

Integrated Analysis Options

Quickly analyse multiple sustainability metrics directly within one central tool. Plan and visualise the impact of changes over time. 

Geography / Topography
Massing & Form
Energy Analysis
Water Analysis
Solar Potential
Renewables Feasibility
Integration with Utilities
Zero-Carbon Plans
Active Travel
Electric Vehicles
Scenario comparison building type

Ideal for Early Stage Design

Scalable from a simple campus, to a wider community or city, iCD can be used for new developments and retrofit projects.

  • Easy and quick to use
  • Generate virtual data to fill data gaps
  • Visualise impacts of decisions immediately
  • Ready-made reports
  • Robust and reliable
  • Built-in option comparison
  • North American and European templates built-in 

Collaborate with the iCD Approach

Urban Planners, Designers, Sustainability Consultants and MEP Engineers can collaborate and exchange ideas quickly and easily through one central tool.

  • Create one central iCD model in minutes using OpenStreetMaps.
  • Ensure your team is always working from the most up to date information.
  • Client and team members have access to real-time updates as the design evolves. 
getting started with icd

Case Studies

Explore how leading innovators like you are harnessing the power of iCD with our interconnected ICL platform.

Free On-Demand Training

Our free on-demand training includes an introduction course for getting started with iCD and an advanced modelling course to help you delve deeper into using iCD to undertake sustainable masterplanning. You can also explore our range of free ICL Digitial Twin courses from our Upskill with IES series.

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