Collaboration Cloud

Digital Twin Command Centre

Connect all ICL Digital Twin tools

A customisable range of operational dashboards, portfolio management and community engagement tools built for you. 

Flexible from building to city level, across any geographical scale, the tools link all aspects of every building’s lifecycle from design and construction right through to operation. Connecting everyone from owners and occupants, to planners and community leaders, in a single collaborative environment.

Features and Benefits

Collaboration through operational dashboards, portfolio management and community engagement tools. 

Interactive 3D models
Bespoke dashboards
Display options for any device
Automatic alerts
Different views and levels of access 
Centralise project information
Insights & analysis
Share data & collaborate
Engage and communicate

Intelligent Community Information Model

iCIM is a community resource monitoring and management platform that improves sustainability performance.

  • Bring projects to life with interactive 3D models
  • Connect to all Digital Twin information in one place
  • Flexible to any level: Campus, Local Community or City
  • Host any static or live urban data
  • Visualise energy and resource use with filters and trend tools
  • Tools for public engagement to drive behavioural change

Intelligent Portfolio Information Model

iPIM is a building portfolio and asset management tool for the visualisation of key performance indicators and data.

  • Centralised Portfolio Monitoring & Management
  • Connect all your 3D Digital Twin models
  • Data that knows where and when it's from: identify patterns, make connections
  • Map resource use and cost impacts of changes
  • Provide sustainability KPI insights and identify best & worst performers
  • Monitor and communicate progress towards zero-carbon goals


A powerful way to build and share insights from any type of time-series operational data in one place. 

Bespoke Dashboards
  • Monitor and communicate building performance in real-time
  • Create intuitive dashboards focused on your own KPIs
  • Tailor operational information depending on who is viewing
  • Communicate and engage with building occupants to drive behavioural change
Alerts and Alarms
  • Intelligent alerts and alarms that help prioritise faults
  • Compare live metered performance against simulated performance to spot anomalies
  • Identify faults having the biggest impact on energy use & internal comfort
  • Easily manage large portfolios through customised single pane views
Monitoring and Targeting
  • Monitor and target where best to focus time and money
  • Verify and fine-tune performance post installation of Energy Conservation Measures
  • Single place to visualize any type of time-series operational data live

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