June 13th 2024

VE Tech Tips: Key-ins and Coordinates

VE Tech Tips: Key-ins and Coordinates

Key-in functions allow users to enter commands or positional information in the VE using keyboard shortcuts. This Tech Tip looks at using key-ins as an optional method for command and coordinate entry within the VE.
This VE Tech Tip explains:

  • How to use the command bar to enter key-in commands. This offers an alternative method of working for those who prefer keyboard shortcuts to the use of buttons on the VE interface.
  • How to use the command bar for coordinate entry, as either relative or absolute coordinates. This is an alternative method to drawing to a grid, to create geometry in any view or at any level of decomposition.

Watch the video on key-ins and co-ordinates below.to see how to use these in the VE.

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You can also view the User Guide for technical details at https://help.iesve.com/ve2023/key_ins.htm