May 29th 2024

VE Tech Tips - Geometry Precision

VE Tech Tips - Geometry Precision

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new VE Tech Tips series, created to show useful features within the VE that can help you to increase your productivity and make the most of your VE software.

Based on advice from our consultants, these short video explainers provide answers to common questions and modelling challenges, as often seen by our support team when they review models. Delivered in a format designed to help you quickly and easily access the information you need.

They are intended for users who already have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the VE and the subjects addressed, such as local compliance or rating systems points.

As the first instalment in this new series, this Tech Tip explores using the geometry precision tools within the software to increase the speed and accuracy of geometry creation within the VE.

This VE Tech Tip explains:

  • How to speed up geometry creation and reduce geometry errors, with more precise modelling in the VE
  • Using the precision tools: Grid Settings and Locks, and adjusting them while you work, with advice on how to:
    • Set the grid scale for creating geometry in the VE
    • Set the grid alignment, either to a .dxf underlay to align different floors of the building, or to rotate consistently for angled areas in a design
    • Use locks with the grid or independently, noting the purpose of each lock and how to use combinations of different locks, including how to lock to an axis or an angle
    • How to use drag face and face snapping, to edit completed 3D shapes
  • How to run a Model Report, to check for geometry errors before starting a simulation

Watch the video on Geometry Precision here to see how to use grids and locks in the VE.

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