May 1st 2024

VE User of the Year Australasia: Karan Sinsinwar, AECOM

VE User of the Year Australasia: Karan Sinsinwar, AECOM

Congratulations to Karan Sinsinwar from AECOM in Singapore, who won the Australasian VE User of the Year.

Karan and the team at AECOM demonstrated in-depth modelling and great use of IESVE technology for the Founders’ Memorial Museum project.

The Founders' Memorial is an upcoming integrated gallery and gardens experience at the Bay East Garden in Singapore. The Memorial commemorates the founding values and ideals exemplified by Singapore’s founding leaders and generation, as well as other key figures who played important roles in Singapore’s path to independence and nation-building journey. It also aims to inspire Singaporeans to commit themselves towards a better future, as it will serve as a space to capture the spirit of the nation and unify Singaporeans.

The VE User of the Year is an award that recognizes the most innovative use of the VE software on a project. The IESVE software is a suite of integrated analysis tools for the design and optimization of buildings, covering aspects such as energy, daylight, ventilation, comfort, and sustainability.

As the project’s consultant for mechanical and electrical engineering, fire engineering, security and green mark certification, AECOM used IESVE to carry out complex energy modelling, which contributed to the accuracy of the calculations of operational carbon emissions in the design stage of the project.

The AECOM team also made use of IESVE’s dynamic energy modelling software (ApacheHVAC), to ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations, enhance energy efficiency, and optimize the HVAC systems. IESVE also enabled the team to implement alternative cooling technologies into the dynamic energy model, further simulating the additional reduction of the overall energy consumption due to the PDC system in place.

Apart from predicting the energy consumption for AECOM’s sustainability projects, the IESVE software also allowed for the detailed analysis of daylight and glare. The insights obtained from the assessment provide valuable information to architects to help refine façade design by striking a balance to minimize Daylight Glare Probability (DGP) while prioritizing natural daylight. This enhances the overall well-being of the occupants.

The team’s innovative use of IESVE software not only ensured that they help their clients go beyond their sustainability goals but also showcases AECOM's technical capabilities in sustainability. The project team's diligent adherence to Singapore's BCA Green Mark 2021 standards ensures the design's fulfillment of Health & Wellbeing (Hw) and Maintainability (Mt) Badge considerations.

In addition, AECOM’s effort in researching sustainable technologies has propelled the project towards the Green Mark 2021 Platinum, Super Low Energy certification standards.

When the Founders’ Memorial opens at the Bay East Garden in 2028, it will embody sustainable urban design principles. Featuring vast green roofs, naturally ventilated spaces and integrated placement of PV panels, the project highlights architectural integration with sustainability design, reinforcing Singapore's commitment to environmental conservation.

Led by the National Heritage Board (NHB) and a diverse team comprising Kengo Kuma & Associates, K2LD Architects, AECOM Singapore, Ramboll, and COEN Design, the project exemplifies collaborative effort and determination in pushing design boundaries.

Images are artists impression.