March 8th 2024

2024 Engineering Day for Madison Teens

2024 Engineering Day for Madison Teens

For the third year in a row, ASHRAE Madison facilitated 2024 Engineering Day for Teens with the Boys and Girls Club for Dane County. The local teenagers from the area were able to experience many fields of engineering including solar energy, structural engineering, electrical engineering, and 3D building modeling with HVAC equipment. Matthew Duffy, Vice President of IESVE North America East demonstrated the building design process with analytical modeling software platform IESVE and emphasized the consequences of using traditional fossil fuel systems for buildings.

Matthew showed how the steps of the design process for analyzing the newly retrofitted building that was hosting the event, the MacKenzie Regional Workforce Center. Matthew demonstrated how software users can import the local neighborhood buildings and landscapes with the OSM feature of IESVE. With the ModelViewer application in IESVE, Matthew was able to demonstrate the exact sun position on the building at that day and time 

Then, he applied the necessary inputs to complete the 3D Room and Zone Loads and HVAC Equipment Sizing. The primary system for the building is a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with water-source variable refrigerant volume (VRV or VRF), and the participants were not only able to see the results of the calculations and annual simulation, but also the physical equipment in the adjacent room. Matthew conveyed the phenomenon of the vapor compression cycle of the building’s VRF system to that of a residential refrigerator that produces both coolth and warmth with electrical input. The children were exposed to the many different trades and fields of securing a sustainable and resource efficient future.

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