May 15th 2019

Dave's Top Tip: Gain two extra reports with the Compliance Navigator

Dave's Top Tip: Gain two extra reports with the Compliance Navigator

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IES offer workflow navigators that boost your productivity when working with the VE. These navigators provide a detailed step-by-step structured workflow of different design processes, whether this is building modelling, BIM Import and exporting, data assignment, or different calculation processes such as building regulations assessment. However, these navigators are not just a workflow; they can provide extra design services, whether this is the BIM quarantine zone, automated simulations or the creation of automatic reports. 

The UK Part L2A DSM Navigator will aid you to:

  • Complete your design workflow
  • Provide quick links to your integrated guidance notes
  • Increase your quality assurance
  • Record your thoughts/pass on comments to other engineers
  • Copy progress report to your project file
  • Date and engineer stamp/reference
  • Provide automated links to complete your calculation
  • Create your extra knowledge reports

One area that engineers are finding increasingly important is the use of the two extra reports. These two documents can automatically review your model inputs and calculation results to give guidance on the two following areas:

  • Identify dominant issues for improvement
  • Key model inputs comparison


  1. Follow your navigator
  2. Complete your Part L Analysis
  3. Ask the navigator to create your two reports, then use these to:

a) Compare your design to the Notional building design
b) Help make improvements and understand your building loads and potential 

Click here to learn more about the Compliance Navigator and contact for details. 

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