February 20th 2024

Python in the VE: VE Scripts - Infiltration Scaled off Wind Speed

Python in the VE: VE Scripts - Infiltration Scaled off Wind Speed

The latest article from our Python in the VE series explores how infiltration can be scaled off wind speed.


In this article we look at a script that creates data in a CSV file that we can import into the VE as a freeform profile. The freeform profile will replace the ‘continuously on’ profile typically utilised with an infiltration air exchange.


Users typically have a infiltration target or standard; this is usually represented in a VE model as a mean air change rate and a ‘continuously on’ profile. As building standards tighten infiltration is of increasing importance

In this example we improve the resolution of a model by scheduling infiltration off wind pressure derived from the model weather file selection.

The script uses a user entered mean target air change rate to derive data for a freeform profile based on wind pressure. When assigning the imported free form profile to the air exchange the user must also set the infiltration air exchange max flow to the value produced by this script in the VE Scripts output pane. The script outputs a CSV file. To create/import a freeform profile use the VE Scripts > iesutils > FFD_create.py script to create an FFD in the current project from the CSV, then assign to the required infiltration air exchange.

Check out the full guide here

Download a sample script here: https://www.iesve.com/support/faq/zip/infiltration-scaled-off-wind-speed.zip 

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