Digital Upskilling for a Net Zero Built Environment

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, almost every sector is having to step up their digital skills to keep up with the rapid pace of change. The AEC sector, of course, is no exception to this. Particularly as the industry faces increasing pressure to deliver more energy-efficient, low carbon buildings to reduce the impact of one of the world’s highest emitting sectors.

To achieve a net-zero built environment, the WorldGBC states that by 2030, 100% of new buildings must be net-zero carbon in operation, embodied carbon must be reduced by at least 40%, and by 2050, all new and existing assets must be net-zero across the whole lifecycle. While digital tools exist and are constantly evolving to support this mission, we need to ensure that we are equipping AEC professionals with the skills and the knowledge to leverage these technologies to their full potential.

An overwhelming 93% of AEC practitioners and 96% of clients that responded to our recent industry stakeholder survey agreed that there is a need for upskilling across the sector to enable better utilisation of energy models throughout the building lifecycle. And with increasingly stringent building regulations, codes, green building standards and net-zero targets to contend with, it is vital that the AEC industry continues to invest in employees’ digital skills to be able to address these challenges in the most efficient, impactful way.

By investing in digital upskilling, firms can empower their teams to leverage advanced simulation and performance analysis tools that will enable them to make better informed decisions around how to minimise the environmental impact of their projects and comply with relevant standards. This can be crucial in helping teams maintain a competitive edge in a world where clients and other stakeholders have come to expect increasingly sophisticated, digitally enabled solutions to achieve project goals.

Flexible Upskilling Solutions

A recent survey report, The Race for Digital Skills, highlighted that a multi-modal learning approach, encapsulating a range of on-demand, live online and face-to-face training, can be of greatest benefit to both employees and organisations when it comes to closing the digital skills gap. This was a view shared by 63% of respondents, with companies offering multiple learning options further reported as being 40% less likely than their peers to say that their learning lags behind their needs.

At IES, we firmly believe in this flexible approach to learning and that’s why we offer a wide variety of training options that are designed to work around your organisation’s specific needs and preferences. Whether you are entirely new to our technology, or an existing user looking to push the boundaries of what our software can do, all of our programmes are aimed at helping architects, engineers and contractors stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the implementation of our building analysis software, so they can meet evolving client and industry demands.

We know that finding the time for training is not always easy, particularly when project teams are stretched or geographically dispersed. However, our on-demand learning portal, used by built environment professionals around the world, offers a low-cost training option which is entirely flexible. Encapsulating more than 100 hours of technical training content, users can access insights from our experienced trainers on a range of building performance topics - anywhere, at any time.

While programmes can be tailored around specific training needs (with a number of individual courses available for free or as little as £60+VAT per year) our Full VE Applications Package covers all of the most commonly used applications within the IESVE for just £495+VAT; providing learners with access to a comprehensive range of learning materials that they can work through at their own pace. And for a limited time, customers can take advantage of even lower prices on this already discounted package!

Black Friday IES Training Offers

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