July 10th 2023

IES Receives Highly Commended Honour from Lloyds Banking Group & Wates in Sustainable Innovation Competition

IES Receives Highly Commended Honour from Lloyds Banking Group & Wates in Sustainable Innovation Competition

IES is proud to receive the Highly Commended honour in the 2023 Sustainable Innovations Competition, a unique partnership between Lloyds Banking Group and Wates Group to pioneer green tech innovators and low carbon SMEs across the UK. 

Our shortlisting in the competition, which received more than 200 applications, will see our ICL Digital Twin technology championed by Lloyds Banking Group and Wates Group as part of a shared commitment to move the built environment closer to Net Zero. We also join a host of Innovation Partners that form the Wates Innovation Network (WIN) Portal, a first-of-its-kind network of market-leading sustainable technologies and services.

As net zero targets loom ever closer, we know that innovation will be essential to decarbonising the built environment sector. Leveraging the power of a world-leading physics simulation engine, real data, machine learning and AI, our digital twin technology helps to provide the energy use clarity and building performance insights organisations need to take control and make the highest impact decisions to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs. Helping to identify the most cost-effective net zero interventions that will help build resilience and futureproof our buildings for years to come.

Ben Pettitt, Sector Lead for Real Estate at IES, commented: “We are delighted to receive this Highly Commended honour and to have the opportunity to further scale the application of our technology through this ongoing collaboration with Lloyds Banking Group, Wates and their wider network of innovation partners.

“Only by gaining a clearer understanding of how our buildings perform can we truly begin to effectively decarbonise them. Digital technologies such as ours have a vital role to play in helping organisations get a better handle on their current building performance and where improvements can and should be made for greatest impact. By helping clients simulate different scenarios, we want to ensure they can be confident in making the right decarbonisation decisions for their buildings, backed by science and data they can trust.”

For more information, see: https://www.wates.co.uk/articles/news/pioneering-sustainability-innovations-with-lloyds-banking-group