April 21st 2023

Python in the VE: VE Scripts - Parametric Uncertainty

Python in the VE: VE Scripts - Parametric Uncertainty

In our latest Python in the VE article we discuss Parametric Uncertainty.


The IES TM54 training seminar (& related article) demonstrates how to use the Python tools IES provides for parametric simulations. In this article we explore the Uncertainty script and some of the referenced utility module functions.


In the example we use a script to define a set of parametric simulations; we define inputs & outputs, we generate a set of unique combinations of model modifications, set simulation settings and then trigger the parametric simulations and result harvesting process.

There are two utility modules referenced by the parametric script; one that generates the scenarios & runs the simulations and one that has functions that modify the model, harvests & processes the results.

The utility modules contain functions that can readily be reused by other scripts.

Check out the full guide here

Download sample parametric scripts here: www.iesve.com/support/faq/zip/parametric-uncertainty.zip

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