April 11th 2023

New Digital Twin Whitepaper: Decarbonizing the Built World: A Call to Action

New Digital Twin Whitepaper: Decarbonizing the Built World: A Call to Action

As part of our membership of the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC), IES been involved in the writing of a new free whitepaper, “Decarbonizing the Built World: A Call to Action.” The paper addresses the global climate crisis through the application of performance-based digital twins.

Written by practitioners from the DTC’s Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operations (AECO) Working Group, which IES is part of, the paper introduces how improving building performance and sustainability initiatives can help tackle the problem of carbon emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gases).

Buildings are one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 40% of those emissions, usually reported as carbon dioxide or carbon equivalents. The problem is well documented by science-based target initiatives and global climate and data scientists. Yet the community of stakeholders involved in the building lifecycle process – financiers, builders, owners, operators, and so on – has yet to collectively act to reduce the built environment's climate impact. 

Designed as a blueprint for these stakeholders, the whitepaper seeks to assist owner-occupiers in the implementation of digital twin-related capabilities required to support building decarbonisation and optimisation throughout its lifecycle. Offering guidance and practical detail so that they can understand how to address the multiple factors required in delivering a digital thread to support overall building performance of both new and existing buildings, addressing key decarbonization questions and objectives.

The whitepaper covers the following. IES have been involved in writing Chapter 3 looking at building performance and how digital twins can help to improve this. 

  • The why and what of Digital Twin Building performance & sustainability
  • The stakeholders and how they should participate?
  • A Whole Systems Approach to Decarbonisation across the Building Lifecycle
  • How the Project Delivery Process need to be changed?
  • Enabling a digital thread to improve building performance

Download this free whitepaper here and take the first step on your journey to reduce our collective carbon footprint!