November 25th 2022

Python in the VE: VE Scripts - Working with ApacheHVAC

Python in the VE: VE Scripts - Working with ApacheHVAC

In our latest Python in the VE series article we look at working with ApacheHVAC.


We create series of functions to help access VE ApacheHVAC component data. We use these functions to navigate the ApacheHVAC object airside and waterside hierarchies and GET ApacheHVAC component results. We also demonstrate adding this result data to a Pandas dataframe, manipulating the dataframe and exporting the dataframe to a variety of output formats.


As we have seen a VE data model can be complex, by building reusable functions we can automate the work and the scripts we create stay readable. By creating functions that reflect ApacheHVAC airside, waterside, loops etc. we work in terms that users will find familiar. We utilise nested DICTs as introduced in previous articles. Pandas is a powerful tool; once in a dataframe data analysis, plotting and export is straightforward.

Check out the full guide here

View sample HVAC data here:

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