November 23rd 2022

Adding value to your Energy Management Plan: Net-Zero, ESG and Enhanced Productivity

Adding value to your Energy Management Plan: Net-Zero, ESG and Enhanced Productivity

For most businesses reducing energy costs is top of the agenda right now, but it isn’t the only priority. Looming Net-Zero targets, ESG disclosure requirements and the health, wellbeing & productivity of your employees can all be addressed in one comprehensive strategy.

Reducing your energy costs should not mean having to compromise on other business priorities. In fact, ensuring your energy cost strategy is aligned to climate and ESG commitments, employee needs and other business objectives is a smart move to protect against other unwanted costs and business risks.

Potential climate risks for global commercial real estate assets have been estimated at USD $5 trillion. Lower sale or rental values, increased construction and operating costs, financial penalties and increased insurance premiums are just a few of the consequences of inefficient buildings.

While many organisations have joined the Race to Zero, most don’t know where to start, especially when it comes to their buildings. However, digital twins offer a solution for companies to analyse their carbon output and find ways to reduce it. We help organisations to simulate and monitor operational performance in real-time, understand the impact of future scenarios and net-zero interventions – prior to investment - and identify inefficiencies and improvements. This can help to identify cost savings, but also informs decarbonisation roadmaps, showing what actions are needed to meet specific targets, tracking progress and identifying shortfalls in existing plans.

This approach can also help to address concerns round energy security and fossil fuel divestment. Identifying ways to reduce reliance on the grid, share energy locally and increase the capacity of renewable energy generation and storage to improve resilience – and the benefits do not end there.

According to Deloitte’s 2022 ‘Commercial Real Estate Outlook’ 60% of real estate owners believe that ESG initiatives bring new opportunities and give them a competitive edge. A digital twin can be used to track & communicate ESG KPIs via bespoke dashboards, simulating simple optimisation scenarios that enhance ESG ratings and helping to meet disclosure requirements.

Companies can also balance their energy use with occupant needs, using their digital twin to monitor and implement changes to improve air quality, comfort and ventilation, generating an estimated $7,500 per person/ year in productivity. In fact, better indoor air quality can lead to productivity improvements of 8-11%, so in organisations where 90% of typical overheads are spent on employees, minor improvements in productivity can substantially impact turnover and profit. Studies have shown that employees in green-certified buildings also have 26% higher cognitive function test scores and 30% fewer sick building symptoms versus non-certified.

So, it doesn’t need to be a case of “either/or” when it comes to reducing your energy costs. Our digital twin approach supports informed business decisions that not only save you money, but also deliver on energy resilience and net-zero targets, enhanced ESG ratings and employee productivity.

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