October 19th 2022

Energy Efficiency in Action: Find out how we helped save significant energy costs for these organisations

Energy Efficiency in Action: Find out how we helped save significant energy costs for these organisations

The UK government’s latest U-turn on its mini budget plans may have provided some short-term relief to stabilise financial markets. However, businesses and households now face uncertainty again, as plans for longer term financial help with energy costs were slashed from two years to just six months.

In his speech, however, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt hinted that the new, still to be designed, approach will better incentivise energy efficiency. Exactly how is yet to be seen, but with energy efficiency being hailed by experts as the cheapest and most effective way to cut carbon and costs, it provides a glimmer of hope for the decarbonisation agenda.

With uncertainty lying ahead around energy prices and available support, more and more businesses are realising the need to take control of their energy by putting in place robust energy management strategies for their properties.

At IES, we have dedicated the past three decades to improving the energy performance of buildings. Through a combination of our award-winning digital twin technology, expert consulting and an efficiency first approach, we’ve helped to create more than a million energy efficient buildings globally, delivering significant cost and carbon savings along the way.

Below are just a few of our best examples. Read to the end to find out how we can help you achieve significant energy cost reductions for your business.

Riverside Museum, Glasgow Life

The Riverside Museum was performing poorly against other properties and energy management KPIs. Initial data investigation highlighted major energy consumers such as the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system, Air Handling Units (AHUs) and Chillers. Using the iSCAN platform, IES facilitated data monitoring and analysis to help the museum to adjust bandwidths and uncover zero/low cost energy saving interventions.

  • ANNUAL SAVINGS - £52.3k
  • GAS SAVINGS - 26%

Read full case study.

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

IES undertook analysis of six Greater Glasgow health centres and Inverclyde Royal Hospital, using their energy efficiency approach, to help identify low and high energy performers. A detailed investigation of BMS data logs (‘cause & effect’ analysis) identified significant out of hours energy use. A gas energy reduction was achieved with a boiler schedule change from 24/7 to 9am to 5pm.

  • GAS SAVINGS – 30%

Read full case study.

Barts Health NHS

Barts Health NHS, one of the largest UK Trusts, asked IES to deliver a virtual benchmark of their building using energy modelling and Building Management System (BMS) data analysis services. The final calibrated digital twin successfully identified operational issues and virtually evaluated the effectiveness of proposed Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), offering the Trust alternative ways to improve sustainability.

  • GAS SAVINGS - 22.5%

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John Lewis

John Lewis set a target to reduce carbon emissions by 15% across all its stores by 2020. Lateral Technologies, a mechanical and electrical design consultancy, used IESVE to achieve this at the York store. They also used iSCAN, a powerful IES tool, to identify performance gaps and best energy saving strategies. John Lewis York is the most sustainable store to date.


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1 George’s Quay

IES provided monitoring-based commissioning services and iSCAN data analytics for this LEED Platinum certified large office building, to optimise operational performance and uncover energy, carbon and cost savings. Working with IES enabled the client to get a much better handle on their building data to understand where operational improvements could be made to deliver significant, sustainable savings.


Read full case study.

To share our knowledge and lessons learned and to help businesses navigate this energy crisis, we’ve created a free guide to reducing business energy costs. This guide is filled with technical insights and advice, outlining some of the key steps you can take to start reducing your building energy costs now. We’re confident that our approach can save at least 20% off your energy bill, while also helping you make informed business decisions to support energy resilience, employee productivity and ESG. All while maintaining progress towards those all-important Net-Zero goals.

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