September 21st 2022

Free guide to reducing business energy costs: Discover how IES’s approach can save 20% off energy bills

Free guide to reducing business energy costs: Discover how IES’s approach can save 20% off energy bills

Businesses will today welcome the announcement of the government support package, which will delay the impact of higher wholesale energy costs. However, this is only a short-term solution to a problem that is very much long-term. Businesses still face much uncertainty on energy bills after April 2023, with vague government promises to help only those most in need after this date.

There is a more long-term solution, one that IES has been championing since its inception in 1994: Energy Efficiency. And we’re not the only ones banging this drum…

In the Guardian today, Jess Ralston, senior analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, said, “Experts have said time and time again that the government’s approach to the gas crisis is missing a key component – conserving energy. While billions will be spent on bailing out bills, much less is targeted at the root of the problem, that we waste huge amounts of our energy.”

Energy efficiency is the optimum way for businesses to navigate this energy crisis but first they need to get a much more detailed handle on their energy use. They need to know how much, when and where they use energy to uncover savings while still meeting their energy needs. Only then can they put in place a robust strategy that will save energy costs year on year and protect themselves from further rising costs, as well as mitigating the risk of future vulnerability to energy supply issues.

Our digital twin technology is already helping many organisations get the energy use clarity needed to take control and address all aspects of the energy trilemma. Enabling informed decisions that cut energy waste, reduce costs, and de-risk future investments. We are confident that our approach can save at least 20% off your energy bill, while also helping you make informed business decisions to support energy resilience, employee productivity, ESG targets and Net-Zero goals.

With wholesale energy prices expected to have quadrupled by April next year, it isn’t any wonder that energy cost is now the number one boardroom issue for eight out of ten companies. With this in mind IES has produced a downloadable guide packed with advice on how businesses can reduce their energy costs.

Download your free copy to uncover our advice on:

•    Protecting your business from risk with efficient energy management
•    The problem with buildings: designed for energy, operated for comfort
•    How energy efficiency adds value: net-zero, ESG & productivity improvements
•    Why & how to invest in your energy data infrastructure
•    Our approach to reducing energy costs
•    Our approach: net-zero investment road mapping & fossil fuel divestment
•    And much more…

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