July 11th 2022

Python in the VE: VE Scripts – Working with Geometry

Python in the VE: VE Scripts – Working with Geometry

Our latest article in our VE-Python series covers working with geometry.


In VE Python it is sensible to limit room geometry adjustments to changes in % windows/doors/openings and dimensional adjustments to shading objects. This script demonstrates adjusting these elements using some generic functions that can also be then used in iteration.


Moving space surfaces is quite likely to lead to over-lapping spaces and geometry errors; similarly you can move openings on a surface but again this can lead to geometry errors. As shading objects can over-lap with other objects without causing geometry errors adjus ting shade surfaces will not lead to such errors.

Check out the full guide here

You can also view a sample glazing percent and shade size file here: www.iesve.com/support/faq/zip/model-geometry-glazing-percent-and-shade-size.zip

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