June 6th 2022

Introducing Richard Fletcher IES’ Global Sales Director

Introducing Richard Fletcher IES’ Global Sales Director

We’re delighted to officially introduce Richard Fletcher, our global sales director, who joined the IES team in October last year. Previously business area director for Trimble Buildings, Richard has 25 years of experience working within the construction and construction software industries. For more than 20 of these he has been involved with the digital transformation of the built environment.

In addition to being a Main Board member, Richard’s role is to develop and execute the strategy for bringing our ICL Digital Twin technology into a global audience. This covers sales in the early stages of the customer journey, through to onboarding for new customers and ongoing customer support. He is also responsible for the management of our two ICL Consulting teams which leverage our technology to help our customers to be successful with their sustainability goals. 

Commenting on his time so far with IES and his vision for the future, he said:

“There is a fantastic energy that flows through the company as a result of having a common goal. We want make a significant change to what is a global emergency [climate change]. We have innovation at our core and through the ICL digital twin technology we can make a real difference and that is what is so exciting about what we are doing.

As my role progresses I envision wider global expansion of our teams as we drive our technology into different geographies. Being part of a global community will deliver benefits for both IES and our customers and I am excited about expanding our presence.”

IES CEO and founder Don McLean added:

“Richard has been a welcome addition to our team. He joined us at a very exciting time for the business as we aspire to accelerate our growth to achieve our mission of decarbonising the built environment globally. His role is instrumental in helping us to accomplish this task. I’m certain his wealth of experience and expertise will greatly assist in navigating the road to a net zero built environment.”

For more information on our award-winning digital twin technology, visit www.iesve.com/icl