February 28th 2022

Python in the VE: VE Scripts - Accessing Results

Python in the VE: VE Scripts - Accessing Results

Next in our 'how to' series for VE-Python, we look at accessing results. 

How to access Apache simulation results (APS, HTG, CLG files) at different levels in the model & carry out unit conversions using the PINT module. This example also demonstrates simple practical code structuring and commenting code.

We need to know what method and arguments to use to access results. We also need to navigate the model object tree to the objects we want to get the results for. Once we get the results we need to know the units utilised (results files store results in fixed metric units; VistaPro processes this data to present it to suit user preferences and with a sensible magnitude; so the units you see in Vis taPro are not necessarily the units in the results file). The PINT module has a predefined dataset (or registry) that can handle unit conversions.

Check out the full guide here

You can also view a sample results file here: www.iesve.com/support/faq/zip/results.zip

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