March 3rd 2021

VE User of the Year Award, EU Regional Winner: Pedro Marques, Boydens Engineering

VE User of the Year Award, EU Regional Winner: Pedro Marques, Boydens Engineering

As an innovative MEPF design engineering company, Boydens Engineering is actively integrating a BIM culture in all design processes. 

Congratulations to Pedro Marques, who impressed the IES judges with his innovative use of the IESVE to help Boydens Engineering cultivate BIM into its design process. In his winning entry, Pedro outlined how he is achieving this using the IESVE’s unique integration with Revit

Pedro developed a workflow that generates an automated dynamic report once the Revit model has been transferred into the VE to share the data from the VE energy model across multiple platforms and formats for various design team members. He explained that design team members need different data at different points in the design process, and the standard way to tackle this was to process results as questions are raised. However, leaning on IESVE open interoperability this could be improved as the design process has a long lifespan, and a lot of time is consumed in communications and administrative work. The dynamic report is more efficient as it makes a large amount of data available immediately.

The workflow uses multiple programming languages: IESVE data exported using python script, C# Revit API for export and import space data, C# for the main windows program, javascript for the html report.

This is a great example of innovative use of the IESVE and Pedro is a deserving winner of the EU regional prize. We congratulate Pedro and Boydens for this great example of integrative design. Keep up the good work!

Below is a selection of images and captions from Pedro's entry:

Heating needs presented in the plan view, presented in kWh/m2/year

Cooling needs presented in plan view, in kWh/m2year

The profile database is stored as a json. The selected profiles will be automatically imported in IES using python script.

Program developed in C# for windows environment