October 19th 2020

Dynamic Thermal Simulation used to assess comfort & energy needs of multi-use office complex

Dynamic Thermal Simulation used to assess comfort & energy needs of multi-use office complex

IES Consulting provided a dynamic thermal simulation during the design phase of this ambitious mixed-use office redevelopment to evaluate the thermal comfort and energy needs of the site.

Sways is an exciting multi-use office complex, currently under redevelopment in the Issy Val de Seine business district of Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France. The 40,000m2+ building, scheduled for completion in 2021, is designed to promote flexibility, productivity, and well-being for its occupants. It offers three parking levels, dining spaces, a wellness centre, retail, and an open Living Square in the heart of the building, in addition to dedicated office spaces.

IES Consulting were commissioned by Aveltys, a specialist in guarantees for rental expenses for office buildings, during the design phase of the project to assess the potential energy consumption and thermal comfort of the proposed redesign.

The project required experienced modelling to accurately replicate the detailed geometry of the building and simulate its complex HVAC systems. District heating serves as a main source of heating, while two cascade air-cooled screw chillers with adiabatic coolers are the main source of cooling, with additional heating and cooling at the terminal level supplied via Individual Comfort Thermal Units (UtCI) on a temperate water loop.

IES Consulting performed dynamic simulation modelling using the Virtual Environment (IES-VE). Aveltys were satisfied by IES’ ability to produce a detailed representation of the building’s performance.

“We did not have the capacity to carry out this work internally so we chose IES Consulting as we already use their Virtual Environment software in our projects and their pricing was competitive. The end client was satisfied with the work carried out and we would recommend IES to others for both their responsiveness and technical ability.” 

Florian Gentils, Commissioning & Energy Director, Aveltys