IES substantially advance iSCAN platform through successful completion of STREAM-0D project

Date Published

26th Mar 2020

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

iSCAN for STREAM-0D designed to enable industry 4.0 solutions

As project partners of the European-wide R&D project, STREAM-0D, IES are delighted to announce that as the project comes to an end, it has successfully achieved its main goals. This includes creating innovative technology to help the manufacturing industry reduce product variability, increase line flexibility, and achieve zero defect production. 

For STREAM-0D, IES substantially advanced its iSCAN platform to serve the specific needs of the industrial sector: by handling data down to 1 second of resolution, and managing the vast amount of data incoming from highly instrumentalised production lines, iSCAN for STREAM-0D is designed to enable industry 4.0 solutions. It sits at the centre of the STREAM-0D solution as its cloud database, enabling data management, analytics, and predictive control based on the optimisation strategies developed by the STREAM-0D project partners.

Data Management
-    Industrial users have multiple lines and data sources; complex architectures track the whole production
-    iSCAN normalises & collects data across existing storage (e.g. SCADA), fetch via streaming sources (e.g. MQTT)
-    Information visualized through dashboards: view production status securely anywhere in the world

-    The industry 4.0 paradigm relies on using data for zero defect manufacturing
-    iSCAN allows to run analytics and data checks on models to detect deviations before they happen 
-    Automated embedded analytics + runs of forecasting models via API 

Predictive Control
-    Based on forecasting, industrial users need to implement line changes, manually or automatically
-    iSCAN stores analytics results and sends warnings & status messages via dashboard (for manual control)
-    When a condition is true, iSCAN can send custom data to a web service (for automated control)

IES developed iSCAN (intelligent Control and Analysis), a single platform to centralise any time-series data from different building and energy management systems, utility portals, IoT sensors and historic files in one platform. iSCAN is designed to organise and analyse this data to gain hidden insights to improve building or portfolio operation. 

“We are very proud to have been a partner in this cutting-edge research project, applying our innovative iSCAN technology to enable industries to adjust their manufacturing processes in near real time, introducing smart decisions based on the forecast of the models. The project team have worked very hard to deliver true innovation over the 3.5 years the project has been running. I’m excited to see the positive changes that this has on the manufacturing industry in the coming years.”
Giulia Barbano, Project Manager, IES

Join our STREAM-0D webinar on Friday 27th March, which Giulia Barbano will be a part of, presenting on "A New Vision For Zero-Defect Manufacturing". Giulia will further discuss IES' involvement in the project, detailing how IES is leading the activities related to cloud-based technologies, particularly focusing on cloud storage and computing, data acquisition and cloud-based communications for the interoperability of the different tools.

To find out more about the project, visit  

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