New Pollination plug-in from Ladybug Tools enables quick and easy interoperability with IESVE

Date Published

15th Dec 2021

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

We’re delighted to share the announcement that IESVE users can now use the Pollination Rhino plugin as the user interface for creating VE models and use the .GEM file format to import them into IESVE quickly. You can also export models from Revit to IESVE directly using the same workflow.

If your model is a valid model on the Pollination side then it should be imported to IES with no issues. This workflow should save you hours and days of re-drawing the geometry. It can't get any easier or faster - less data (just the geometry) means less errors.

IESVE users can now easily import doors, windows, shades and surrounding buildings from a Rhino model to IES geometry.

Craig Wheatley, IES CTO recognises benefits that the new capabilities will bring to IESVE users,

“This is a fantastic new development for IESVE users. The additional workflows from Revit and new workflow from Rhino will make it much easier and faster to import models to the IESVE, saving our users valuable time and further enhancing the digital design process.”

Download the latest plugins and learn more here.

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