5th Aug 2021

SGBC-REDAS Green Real Estate Trends Conference 2021


IES is proudly sponsoring SGBC-REDAS Green Real Estate Trends Conference 2021, the foremost thought leadership digital event for next-generation green building. This year’s Conference will be held virtually over two mornings, 5-6 August 2021.  

The conference will convene on 3 key trends to provide holistic and actionable pathways to accelerate sustainability objectives towards a low-carbon future. 

(I) Furthering the Impact of Green Buildings
Green building is set to transform the way we live, work and play this generation and beyond. Hear about building towards a zero-carbon Singapore built environment, developments in the European Union for building sector climate action as well as setting the foundation for next-generation buildings.

(II) Getting to Net Zero Carbon
Decarbonisation is becoming front and centre of any ESG or sustainability strategy. Find out how to bring embodied carbon upfront and what are trends, challenges and opportunities on the road to carbon neutrality.

(III) Sustainability Leadership in Action
Strong sustainability leadership drives positive change. Hear from industry leaders on portfolio decarbonisation strategies as well as their experiences in creating best-in-class green properties.

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5th Aug 2021

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