IES Head of ICL Sales for Asia Profiled in Aryavarth Express Success Story Feature

Date Published

23rd Jul 2020

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

We’re pleased to announce that our Head of Asia for ICL Sales, Sriman NCVK, was recently profiled in The Aryavarth Express as part of its recurring Success Story feature. The article is an interview with Sriman, looking at his career so far and the attributes that have enabled him to be so successful. 

Sriman is a highly skilled and experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture, facilities management, property management & consulting industry. A qualified LEED AP BD+C, IGBC AP and GBIF, he takes his professional development very seriously, continually enhancing his skills and expertise. He is well educated with an M.S. focused in Building Performance & Sustainability from the National University of Singapore.

From early life lessons, to the challenges and principles that have guided him so far, Sriman shares in the article, valuable advice and insights for anyone at any stage of their career who wishes to be successful and make a difference. 

Read the full article.

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