Python in the VE: VE Scripts - Working With Room Data

Date Published

15th Aug 2022 @ 13:06
Richard Quincey
Technical Director

This article in our Python in the VE series focuses on working with room data. 

We use GET and SET methods to access VE data. To use them you need to navigate the API hierarchy. The GET methods typically return data in DICT form, often nested, which we need to be able to access. Using DICTs is also a good way of organising data that we GET from the VE.

In this example we navigate VEBody to VERoomdata and access room data via methods for room general data, air exchanges, systems, internal gains and room conditions. We use a DICT to organise the data we extract because DICT keys make sure we store what the values mean and give us an elegant way to access specific data. We also utilise a DICT to specify changes we make using a SET method.

Check out the full guide here

View sample room data here:

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